World Is Obsessed With Scarless Skin Through Acne Scar Treatments In Gurgaon

When a girl or boy hits puberty, changes occur. They get acne that further leave behind ugly scars. Their skin is not considered beautiful anymore. Really? Probably they have not heard about the advanced skin treatments, have you?

Acne and acne scars affect people of all age groups. Do you know that there are various types of acne scars namely ice pick scars, box, rolling, hypertrophic and keloid scars? Sometimes even topical creams and oral medication fail to respond. Now it is time to consider trending treatments with the Best Skin Specialist in Gurgaon, Dr. Niti Gaur. Again, all treatments are not applicable to all types of scars.

Acne Scar Treatment in Gurgaon : Dr. Niti Gaur

Advanced treatments to minimize acne scars:-

a) Chemical Peel - As the name suggests, a chemical peel consists of a solution of harmless acids. When applied on the face, it blisters and eventually peels off the skin. Depending on the severity of scars, various intensities of chemical peels are used - mild, medium and strong. All you find is an improvement in the skin appearance after the procedure. Finding the Best Acne Scar Clinic in Gurgaon? Pay a visit to Aster Dermatology and Aesthetics and find the difference!

b) Dermarollers - Dermarollers use micro-needling technique. When rolled on the skin, invisible punctures are made that help in healing and rebuilding collagen under the skin. Get away with indented acne scars through extremely safe, affordable and effective Acne Scar Treatment in Gurgaon, choose advanced dermarollers.

c) Laser Resurfacing For Acne Scars - For acne scars, a wide range of therapeutic options are available. Acne can be classified into Grade 1, 2, 3 and 4. Grade 1 acne consists of blackheads and whiteheads. Grade 2 and 3 acne are papules and pustules while you can find deadly cysts and nodules under the Grade 4 acne. The Best Acne Scar Doctor in Gurgaon, Dr. Niti Gaur can guide you better.

Nonablative lasers are best for grade 2 types of acne scars. Nonablative lasers do not harm the outermost layer of the skin and work within the layers to deliver results. Ablative lasers work well for grade 3 and 4 acne scars. These lasers remove the outermost layer of the skin to offer fresh and scar-free skin.  Also, fractional lasers enhance the efficacy of the treatment.

Does your face need the care and treatment from an expert? If yes, consult the Best Dermatologist in Gurgaon, Dr. Niti Gaur today!

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